We unite the talent of our people to our business strategy

We promote a culture of continuous learning that ensures business growth and the development of internal talent in line with the Group’s strategy.

From a Self-Learning perspective, we value autonomy and flexibility in learning, where each person takes on a decisive role in their own development.


We nurture a culture of learning from day one

By integrating our people into the Group’s culture, values and business, we foster the development of behavioural and functional skills that will equip them for all future challenges.


We collaborate with a vast network of partners of excellence, jointly developing customised training programmes tailored to the reality of the business.

We believe that collaborative leadership plays a fundamental role in the team and business development, generating value and leading people to give their best. We provide the tools, training and support needed to develop our managers and their teams, responding to the constant challenges and thus contributing to the Group’s sustainable growth.


By putting our people’s talent and our business strategy together, we promote a culture of continuous feedback, a high level of involvement and commitment in identifying training needs for the teams and drawing up professional development plans in line with corporate goals.



A partner of excellence carrying Grupo Nabeiro DNA

The Centro Internacional Comendador Rui Nabeiro offers a wide range of training courses for Grupo Nabeiro’s employees, clients and the community in general.


Through a distinctive offer, it aims to strengthen the commitment to the development of people and the community, promote the monitoring, training and certification of skills in young people and adults, contribute to raising the qualification level of the community in general and respond to the business community labour needs.


Based on values such as innovation, differentiation, sharing and commitment, the CICRN promotes enriching learning environments that offer opportunities for sharing and foster the development of personal and social skills, entrepreneurship, digital competences and sustainability.

Believing in people and their power to transform the territory.

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