1. Introduction

This Cookie Policy seeks to explain transparently and specifically how we use the personal information we collect through your use of our Website. It is in this spirit that this Cookie Policy details how, when and why we use Cookies on our Website.

This Website uses Cookies not only to ensure that we offer you a unique and personalized experience, but also to enable us to share with our technology partner’s aggregate data that will enable us to continuously and seamlessly improve our Website and your browsing experience.

2. What are Cookies?

Cookies are files that have small bits of information that are stored and downloaded on your device every time you visit a website (and usually have a unique identifier).

Some Cookies will only be triggered if certain features are used and/or with your consent, while others will always be generated and used. In addition, permanent Cookies may be stored at browser level on your access devices and are used every time you visit the Website again (and provided they are defined as necessary for the proper use of the same), as well as temporary session Cookies that remain in the Cookie file of your browser until you leave the Website.

You can find out more about which Cookies we use from the list below, which is updated according to your preferences for Cookies and your consent.

3. Why Use Cookies?

The use of Cookies is practically universal to all Websites, in no way harming the devices (computers, tablets, mobile phones) on which they are stored and allowing a better experience of using the Platforms themselves, both in terms of performance and in terms of terms of navigation, since the content provided will be more oriented to the real needs and expectations of the Users.

Cookies thus allow the Website to memorize information about your visit, such as your preferred language, location, the recurrence of your sessions and other variables that we consider relevant to make your search experience much more comfortable and efficient.

4. Cookies Used

The Website (www.gruponabeiro.com) then details information on the Cookies used on our Website, as well as identifying which partner Entities are authorized to place Cookies on our Platform (explaining, individually, more value of including these partners on our Platform).

The Website (www.gruponabeiro.com), or e-mails sent by GRUPO NABEIRO may contain links to other Websites or Applications, including those of our Partners. If you access one of these links or applications, please bear in mind that the respective Cookies Policies are the sole responsibility of the Entities that manage them. For this reason, read the Cookies Policies of other Platforms or applications before using them.